Capacity building

The general objectives of the project are:

  • preventing violent radicalisation;
  • promoting democratic values, fundamental rights, intercultural understanding and active citizenship through human rights education (HRE).

The approach of this particular project to contribute to tackling this issue is to rely on networking of NA’s and capacity building in three key branches of activities:

1. Training of Trainers ToT (each NA sends 4 participants), and training of youth workers/leaders

2. Training of Erasmus+/Youth In Action National Agencies staff (this event is open to any NA)

3. Integration of HRE to formal preparation of youth workers through national transfer seminars

The capacity building activities are designed to build up snowball effect to mainstream HRE in the field of youth in order to contribute to social inclusion, which should reduce violent radicalisation in youth.

The following project key capacity building events and relevant Calls have been announced so far:

The timeline of national transfer seminars and national HRE mainstreaming events for 2019 has been announced by each NA separately in their communication channels.